Katherine is a social media marketer, natural living advocate and co-founder of ethical directory More This. Less That.. She is also a photographer, writer, environmentalist, and cold water swimmer.

Katherine grew up in Brighton in the UK where she developed a love of the ocean. She now lives in London but retreats to Brighton regularly to swim in the sea, no matter the weather. In 2017 Katherine competed in the Brighton triathlon to raise money for the Noakes Foundation that aims to fix the future outlook of human health, by changing the way people eat and the food policies to enable this.

Having always felt a strong connection to the natural world Katherine has come to understand the growing importance of protecting it and the power of business to do so, “we live on a planet where resources are finite, not taking this into account when starting new business ventures isn’t good business”.

Since pursuing a career in the marketing industry Katherine has learnt just how effective, powerful and fundamental storytelling is for driving meaningful change.

At the beginning of 2017 Katherine became a director and head of social at branding and communications agency (hug). Katherine and her team partner with passionate businesses that want to redefine their industries for the better.

Katherine strongly believes that business can be a force for good. Using her creativity, knowledge of marketing and understanding of brand Katherine now helps ethical businesses build strong, stand-out brands and tell their stories across digital platforms.

As an advocate for all things natural, wild, ethical and sustainable Katherine uses her personal experiences to encourage others to live a simpler more natural life.

Her writing here offers advice on natural living, ethical business, brand building and digital storytelling.

Business and nature need no longer be separate.

We must learn to see the importance of our natural world and understand that it’s our duty to protect it.