Simple and natural living



025: Nature in the home


Taking steps towards a more natural home.


Creating a natural living environment, that’s free from chemicals and harmful toxins, isn’t always easy. But we spend large amounts of our lives in our homes and it’s important to acknowledge the impact our environment can have on our mental and physical well being.


Many homes have become places in which nature is almost non-existent - less open fires and a lot more technology. Yet as we strive for convenience in a fast-paced world, our well being is pushed aside.

However, as depressing as that may sound, there is a growing awareness around the importance of our connection with the natural world. There are more and more studies that look at the importance of being outdoors as well as new businesses specifically aimed at helping us to establish connections that are not Wifi reliant.


Over the past few years my awareness of how my environment affects different aspects of my life has increased significantly. I started to notice the number of unnatural items that make a regular appearance in my day-to-day life and decided changes needed to be made.

For anyone else looking to do the same don’t be put off at the beginning. When that realisation hits, there are so many things that you want to change all at once and it can feel a little overwhelming. My advice, start slow with the changes that are easily made and shopping for natural alternatives soon becomes well, natural.


I started with cleaning products, these seemed to be the most damaging due to the number of chemicals in most products. By switching to natural products and using refills I was able to avoid plastic, avoid harmful chemicals when using the products and reduce the amount of chemicals getting in to our oceans. I actually found the products to be better too.

I then quickly moved on to self care products like shampoo, make up, tooth paste etc. I found shampoo bars meant less plastic and no chemicals, washable make up wipes and coconut oil meant no chemical soaked face wipes and charcoal toothpaste that comes in a glass jar meant less plastic and no fluoride.


There are more harmful products in life generally than I had realised. Things I had paid little attention to before started making me question the normal way of doing things.

When we moved into our flat, just over 2 years ago, we did quite a lot of painting when we first moved in. We used paint we’d been given and that we bought at a local hardware store without really thinking about it. Our living room however was still in need of some love until fairly recently and I found myself thinking about how awful paint was when it came to chemical content and how the toxicity would never disappear completely. Following that train of thought, and a lot of worrying reading, I started looking into a more natural way of decorating and came across BAUWERK Colour. Bauwerk was created with “a vision to produce exemplary modern lime paint in harmony with nature.” As soon as I ready that I knew I was on the right path.

Especially important to us, is our environment, our paints are beautiful, do not harm the environment in their manufacture and disposal, and most importantly do not harm our health.
— Bauwerk Colour

The team kindly sent me some sample cards to figure out colours and we ended up going with ***********. The paints were such a joy to use, no headaches from paint fumes no needing all the windows open on freezing cold days and no nightmares trying to wash brushes.

If anyone has any questions about natural decorating or natural living in general I’d be happy to help in any way I can so please feel free to leave a comment below.