Should you be questioning yourself more?


Do you question your own thinking?

Questioning the information we get told, evaluating what we think and digging deep into the sources we get our information from, often means doubting the things we truly believe in.

It means finding wrong in something we have always believed to be right.

It's not easy.

But, it's easy to find yourself in a bubble of beliefs that feel real because they are supported by the newspaper you read, the blogs you follow, the social media accounts you scroll through and the group of people you surround yourself with.

The algorithms on social media mean we're constantly being fed the same information because our actions suggest we find it interesting.

It's an endless cycle and it can lead us down a dangerous path.

It's comfortable not to question but it's crucial that we do.

In life and in business, if we are able to question our thinking we are open to new points of view that could change our lives.

Do you ask questions of the things you believe to be right?

Katherine HeathComment