The wonders of nature can be found right outside your front door


When we hear the word ‘nature’ most of us tend to fill our minds with thoughts of snow-capped mountain peaks, wild winding rivers and deep, intimidating forests but we seldom remember that nature can be found right outside of our front doors.

Dan and I moved into our current flat during the height of summer last year and with all the unpacking, redecorating and figuring out new routes to work going on we failed to notice the pear trees right outside the window and the wondrous amount of blackberry bushes that covered the local common. This year, now we’re settled in (and have time for fruit picking), we decided it would be rude not to make the most of the fantastic natural resources growing right outside of our front door.

Of course, as soon as the school holidays hit the blackberries were like gold dust but luckily there were a few harder-to-reach spots, hidden away, with an abundance of shiny black fruit just waiting to be collected.

We filled about 6 containers (small containers, we did leave some for others) and made our way home. We grabbed a few pears from the trees we can almost reach from our bedroom window and there was only one thing left to do. Make crumble!

I absolutely love cooking but desserts are not something I ever really make so this was a bit of a ‘let’s just give it a go’ sort of attempt. I’m not a fan of following strict recipes so decided to make it up as I went along. It turns out I can make crumble!

Now, if you are more of a recipe follower than I am here are a few that caught my eye:

Blackberry, pear and pine nut crumble by Lily Vanilli - recipe
Blueberry and blackberry crumble by Green Kitchen Stories - recipe
Blackberry crumble by James Morton (Graham’s Dairy) - recipe


Quick tip...

I would highly recommend making individual crumbles in little ramekin dishes. It’s such an easy way to serve them if you have guests and stops you from eating the whole thing at once if left alone!

Seeking adventure in the remotest parts of the world of course will usually beat a stroll in the local park there's no denying that but there’s something truly rewarding about the whole process of finding, preparing and eating fruit you’ve picked in your own back garden. It's easy to forget how important the process of gathering food is to our health–being outside in natural light, connecting ourselves with the earth and eating produce that naturally grows where we live are all vital elements to good wellbeing. So, before you go to the shop and buy fruit grown in Spain, take a quick look around you first. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.